S2H – Smart Security for Hospitality

International expert in travel and hotel security



For the owner of the hotel

At design stage:
  • Threat analysis, identification of applicable standards and security requirements
  • Drafting the security concept of design
During construction:
  • Support to the client and the project manager, coordination with other technical experts
  • Drafting the detailed technical security specification
  • Support to the procurement manager
  • Checking the implemented security equipment

For the general manager of the hotel

At pre-opening stage:
  • Assessment of security requirements
  • Drafting the RFP for security solutions (services and equipment)
  • Drafting security and crisis management procedures
Daily operations:
  • Security assessment
  • Training for heads of department and staff
  • Crisis management exercises
  • Security planning for special events


S2H is founded by senior security advisors who have been expatriated in Africa and Middle East.

We have consistent expertise of security risk management, built-up through previous assignments for private companies and public offices. Thanks to our experience in the hospitality industry and in corporate security departments, we are fully operational to support our clients when designing and implementing the security solution that suits their needs and their clients’ expectations.

We deeply believe that security, in addition to its initial function of protecting people and assets, demonstrates a strong social commitment and a true competitive advantage.

Our action always takes into account the operating and the commercial requirements of our clients.

Our project managers are all fluent in French and English.



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